Scrape Armor Bumper Protection - Bentley V8S 2014-2018
Scrape Armor Bumper Protection - Bentley V8S 2014-2018Scrape Armor Bumper Protection - Bentley V8S 2014-2018Scrape Armor Bumper Protection - Bentley V8S 2014-2018Scrape Armor Bumper Protection - Bentley V8S 2014-2018
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Scrape Armor is the leader in precision skid plates. Our patented design provides your vehicle with maximum protection in a low-profile package. 


Scrape Armor is precision machined and 3D formed to ensure a perfect fit. Once installed Scrape Armor matches your vehicles curvature to provide low-profile protection.

Every Scrape Armor kit begins with a full digital scan of each vehicle's front end.


Scrape Armor is the lowest profile skid plate available.  At it's thickest point Scrape Armor is 2mm thicker than the manufacturer's hardware on your vehicle.

Scrape Armor utilizes all of the original hardware on the underside your vehicle. Low-profile while being just thick enough to protect it from scrape damage and shearing.

Scrape Armor is made from TekLite polymer, a proprietary plastic specifically formulated to reduce surface friction by 50%. 

TekLite is incredibly slick allowing your vehicle to slide on and off of obstacles with minimal force protecting your bumper from tearing.

Scrape Armor's patented GlideTek rail system reduces your vehicles surface area by over 50%.

Reduced surface area means less friction when making road contact, lessening the pull on your vehicle's bumper.

Scrape Armor's patented ElipTek edges are angled to help eliminate hard edges which can catch and pull on unseen obstacles.

ElipTek protects your bumper when reversing off an obstacle that has made contact with your vehicle's front end. 

It's all about the details, and a little bit of math.

SAE International Engineering Standards A. Approach Angle (16°) B. Departure Angle (16°) C. Curbstone Height Clearance 203mm (8in) D. Ramp Breakover Angle (12°)

Modern cars have never looked better with their longer front ends, swooping body curves, and lower stance.

The problem lies in the allowed clearance of your cars front end and the building codes of the streets you drive on.

Today's building codes allow driveway entrances that can be up to 40% steeper than the approach angle on your car.
Standard Driveway Allowances
12° - 16° 

Today's Sedan and Coupe Allowances
7° - 10°

In addition to protecting your car while you drive it, Scrape Armor helps to preserve it's resale value. Vehicles that show a bumper or front end replacement on their Carfax typically sell for 10% - 30% below the market value.

Scrape Armor Precision Skid Plates

Scrape Armor was born after 20 years in the performance automotive industry.  

Too often we'd see scrapes, gouges, mangled hardware and costly damage on our client's cars that went undetected and untreated. This damage often led to expensive front end repairs and we saw it impacted the resale value of vehicles by up to 30%.

After searching for a solution with no success, we began to design and manufacturer our own. 

Today, Scrape Armor is the leading manufacturer of precision skid plates, trusted by some of the top automotive brands in the world.

Precision engineered for a low-profile, maximum coverage solution, all backed with a lifetime warranty.


Every new Scrape Armor kit comes with a lifetime warranty when installed by an authorized dealer.

Lifetime Warranty

- If any part of your Scrape Armor wears down to less than 2mm thick, we'll replace it for free. 

- All included hardware components are covered against any manufacturer defects. 

This warranty does not cover:

- Damage due to improper installation.

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