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Eliminate Scrape Damage

Preserve your new Corvette's front end with Scrape Armor, the official skid plate protection from GM Accessories.

Scrape Armor installs utilizing all factory hardware with no drilling required.  Made in the USA and backed with a lifetime warranty, Scrape Armor will help protect your new Corvette from the very first mile.


GM P/N 19419510

Z51 Performance Package Splitter

GM P/N 19419511

5W8/5VM Ground Effects

GM P/N 19419512

• Eliminates scrape damage.  

• Easy install, no drilling required.

• Strengthens Z51 and 5VM splitters.

• Made in USA

• Lifetime Warranty

Trusted by the Best

Scrape Armor is the official front end protection for the Ron Fellows Driving School at Spring Mountain.

Our kits are tracked daily at Spring Mountain, ensuring top level protection with zero impact on performance for their entire school fleet.