Protecting Acura's Press Fleet

Ever wonder what happens to all those cars test driven in magazines, blogs, and TV shows?  

Press fleet vehicles are driven hard and driven often, rotating between photo shoots, filming, and media events. During these press tours, more often than not journalists are encouraged to test the cars limits all while the manufacturer battles to keep them looking as new as possible for their next shoot.

To protect their press NSX fleet, Acura recently equipped their units with Scrape Armor to protect the NSX's carbon fiber front end.
Acura NSX Skid Plate

This was a new NSX's front end after 300 miles without Scrape Armor installed. Scratches and wear on the carbon fiber had already begun and was quickly expanding.

Acura NSX Skid Plate Scrape Armor Protection

Our NSX Scrape Armor kit was installed to cover existing damage and prevent further scraping. 

Since these vehicles are used for press shoots it was important any added element remain as low-profile as possible.  Scrape Armor kits are minimal by design, allowing for full protection of the front end while remaining nearly invisible to the camera.

Scrape Armor Acura NSX Skid Plate Protection
Scrape Armor Acura NSX Skid Plate Protection
Scrape Armor Acura NSX Skid Plate Protection

Now this is the same NSX front end after nearly 29,000 miles! Our precision skid plate protected the entire front end through multiple track shoots, California road trips and media events across the country.

Acura NSX Scrape Armor Skid Plate

We love those wear shots, protecting cars like these is exactly why we started Scrape Armor in the first place.  Scrape Armor was born after over a decade of us specializing in high end and exotic aftermarket automotive installations. 

Too often we’d put a car on the lift to see scrapes, gouges, mangled hardware and costly damage that went undetected and untreated.After searching for a solution with no success, we began to design and manufacturer our own.

Today Scrape Armor is the leading manufacturer of precision bumper protection. 

 We offer protection solutions for everything from Ferrari to Ford with our precision engineered for a low-profile, easy-to-install solution, all backed with a lifetime guarantee.

Acura NSX Scrape Armor Bumper Protection

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