Scrape Armor Available in Chevrolet Dealers Nationwide

Scrape Armor Now Available in Chevrolet Dealerships Nationwide

BELLEVUE, Wash.June 18, 2018 - Scrape Armor®, the American manufacturer of precision skid plates, announces a distribution partnership with General Motors Co. bringing their premier bumper protection products to Chevrolet dealers nationwide. 

Scrape Armor is a market leader in front bumper protection solutions, designed to eliminate underside bumper damage on vehicles with low front-end profiles. Chevrolet will offer Scrape Armor specifically engineered for the Corvette and Camaro, serving as the first line of defense against parking curbs, steep driveways, potholes and other road obstacles. 

Constructed of Teklite™, a lightweight, strong polymer that expands and contracts at the same rate as the front bumper, Scrape Armor provides substantial front-end protection with a low-profile seamless installation. 

Scrape Armor’s patent-pending Glidetek™ and Eliptek™ design features reduce a vehicle’s road contact surface area by more than 50 percent and protect the front end from getting hung up on parking curbs, speed bump impact and abrasion damage. 

“As much as owners love the dramatic front profile of today's vehicles, it inevitably invites trouble,” said Jerome Pfitzner, director of sales at Scrape Armor. “Speed bumps, parking blocks and curbs create abrasion and impact damage that is costly to repair and can negatively affect a vehicle's resale value. Our new distribution with GM will allow customers an option to easily protect their investment at the time of purchase or service.” 

Customers interested in Scrape Armor are encouraged to contact their nearest Chevrolet dealer.

Scrape Armor Inc. is an American manufacturer of precision automotive skid plates. Scrape Armor® is the leading brand of premier bumper protection solutions with patented product designs and advanced vehicle fitment methods. Trusted by car enthusiasts and dealerships worldwide, Scrape Armor delivers exceptional products all backed with a lifetime warranty.

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Scrape Armor
Scrape Armor

August 02, 2018

Hi Emmett,

Our development team is currently looking into Scrape Armor for the ZR-1. That car has a few very unique attachment points under the bumper which we’re currently working on the best way to implement our kit for.

We’ll keep you posted when a kit become available, congrats on your new Corvette!

- Team Scrape Armor

Emmett Jobe
Emmett Jobe

August 02, 2018

Do make Scrape armor for 2019 ZR-1 ?

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