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Dodge Charger bumper protection

Dodge Charger SRT Bumper Protection

Thomas recently came to us after purchasing his dream car, a brand new Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack.

Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack Bumper Protection

After owning the car for just 8 months, he had sustained substantial damage on the front end.  

Between his steep driveway and the speed bumps in his neighborhood, his Charger didn't stand a chance.

Dodge Charger R/T Bumper Protection Damage

In addition to scraping, his bumper was starting to splinter from getting hung up on obstacles.

Dodge Charger R/T Bumper Protection Damage
Dodge Charger R/T Bumper Protection Damage

These type of stress fractures and tears are common on vehicles with low hanging front bumpers.

That's why every Scrape Armor kit features our patented TEK systems allowing the vehicle to slide on and off of obstacles rather then getting hung up, greatly reducing this type of damage.

Dodge Charger R/T Scrape Armor Bumper Protection

After a quick cleaning we had Thomas's Charger up and his new Scrape Armor kit installed in under an hour, see the video below for the full process.

Scrape Armor Charger SRT Install

FEATURED product


Scrape Armor was born after over a decade of specializing in high end and exotic aftermarket automotive installations. 

Too often we’d put a car on the lift to see scrapes, gouges, mangled hardware and costly damage that went undetected and untreated. 

 After searching for a solution with no success, we began to design and manufacturer our own. 

Today Scrape Armor is the leading manufacturer of precision bumper protection. 

Precision engineered for a low-profile, easy-to-install protection package, protect your vehicle today and drive confident.


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Scott Brodie
Scott Brodie

July 09, 2018

Any chance you will be making something for a 2018 scat pack challenger?

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